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"The Frost Knight" - ROTG RP with nose-nippin-fun

It was the middle of the night that James felt the first chill of winter sweep in through the open window. With a shiver, he crawled out of bed and pulled the window shut. But after a slight hesitation, he grinned and pushed the window back open onto the quiet night. Despite the chill, James loved nights like this. Beams of the full moon’s light made the entire kingdom glow beneath him. The view from his sleeping chamber window in the castle’s east tower let the young prince see everything. Sticking his head out the window, James laughed with childish delight. Heights always made him dizzy and he loved it!  With the illuminated world below, James felt like he could jump out and fly away, free to explore the kingdom and have adventures instead of being stuck in the castle. For a moment, he was no longer Prince James, 17 year old future king of Burgess. He was just Jamie. Pulling his head back inside, the giddiness keeping a smile on his face, he looked at the full moon above. “Thank you Mann…er, I mean Man in the Moon.” His royal upbringing  caught his slip of tongue. There may have been nobody around to hear his slip of tongue, but it was still improper for anyone to address the Lunar deity so casually. Especially a prince. But just as fast, Prince James grinned as Jamie once more. “Thank you Manny!” He laughed at his small act of rebellion. To the world, he may have been Prince James, leader in his father’s absence and future heir to the Burgessian throne. But by himself, he could say anything he pleased. He yawned and continued watching the world below.  

      After an hour or so of watching stray cats roam the streets and drunks stumble home, Jamie  stood up to go back to bed. He had tried to deny it before, but he couldn’t deny how cold he was anymore. But just as he was about to shut the window, Jamie saw a shadow fly past. “What the?!” He pushed the window back open and peered out. The shadow was gone. He stuck his head out further, his shoulders following, when he felt his foot slip on the rug. His body tensed in panic as he felt himself slip forward. He was about to let out a yell when he felt someone grab him from behind and pull him back in. “Ya away with the pixies there mate*?” Jamie turned around to see his trusted guard, Bunnymund, standing there with his arms crossed. “I-I…” Jamie stuttered as he caught his breath. But he composed himself quickly as he always did. “I…don’t know what you just said but thank you Bunny!” Jamie saw the guard’s eyes roll a little bit. Not many people could get away with calling him that, but Jamie knew he could. “Up late again I see, ya majesty. Best be gettin yaself back to bed.” HIs accent was thick and his tone was stern. “Don’t want the queen to know you’re up late….again.” The corner of his mouth curled in a slight grin. Jamie chuckled and saluted. “Yes sir.” Like wise, Bunny was one of the few people who could boss the prince around. He crawled back into his bed. “Good night Bunny.” The guard walked out the door, closing it behind him. But a second later, he poked his head back in. “Good night Jamie.” He winked and closed the door. Jamie drew the covers up to his chin and stared out the window expecting to see the strange shadow fly by again. After a few minutes, he sighed and shook his head.  ”This is silly. I must have been seeing things.” He told himself as he reached under his pillow and pulled the raggedy stuffed rabbit his grandmother had made for him out of its hiding place. "I suppose I really shouldn’t stay up so late." The prince closed his eyes and fell quickly asleep. His eyes closed just as the shadow slithered in the open window, carefully avoiding the moon light, and crawled under the bed. 

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