Hi! I'm Nutella-Fandom and I like Warm Hugs! heads up, my blog has music :D I'm a Christian fangirling Hufflepuff who draws and talks to inanimate objects! I am in many fandoms like nutella of course, Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons, Marvel, Harry Potter, Disney, Anime, Pokemon, SuperWhoLock, video games, sci-fi, Welcome to Nightvale, Cartoon Hangover, musicals...yeah lots of stuff. Multifandom blog FTW! :P I'm pretty much a fan of everything! Wanna be friends? :D
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ok! going with my drawing of Nightlight for my icon!

To all my wonderful new Misha friends who haven’t seen my normal blog yet, Hi there! I’m nutella-fandom! I love nutella, drawing stuff, and way too many fandoms to mention! (but some include Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons, SuperWhoLock, and Avengers!)  This is me! Nice to meet you all and thank you for following me and staying with me even when I transform from being Misha back into a Nutella eating fangirl! :D

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