Hi! I'm Nutella-Fandom and I like Warm Hugs! heads up, my blog has music :D I'm a Christian fangirling Hufflepuff who draws and talks to inanimate objects! I am in many fandoms like nutella of course, Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons, Marvel, Harry Potter, Disney, Anime, Pokemon, SuperWhoLock, video games, sci-fi, Welcome to Nightvale, Cartoon Hangover, musicals...yeah lots of stuff. Multifandom blog FTW! :P I'm pretty much a fan of everything! Wanna be friends? :D
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What should I draw for reaching 400 followers?

OH MY GLOB! I’m almost to 400 followers!!! thank you all! :D  every 100 followers I get, I like to draw something special to say thank you! any requests? :)

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